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BRAND NEW: Semaphore Splash consists of two brand new boutique mixed-use apartment complexes built in 2017 & 2024 consisting of apartments on the first and second levels of the buildings, with ground level shops including a hairdressing salon, and nail spa.


PROXIMITY TO BUSINESS: Prime location for the corporate guest, being only a 2 minute drive to Port Adelaide and a 5 minutes to Techport in Osborne; as well as being only 8 minutes to the West Lakes Westfield shopping centre and 25 minutes to Adelaide city-centre.


PROXIMITY TO SHOPS, RESTAURANTS & CAFES: Located in the middle of Semaphore Road, one of Adelaide’s premier seaside main-street locations, you are in walking distance to a variety of restaurants, cafes and take-away outlets, with an adjacent supermarket and many local amenities. Your car can remain in the carpark.


PRIVATE BALCONY: All apartments feature a private balcony, which include views of the Semaphore Road shopping precinct. The Deluxe, Penthouse and Superior apartments also enjoy balcony views from the master bedrooms facing north, with the Penthouse apartments enjoying a heightened view from a sundeck located on the upper level.


SPACIOUSNESS: All apartments are spacious, from 45m2 for the Jazz Apartment to 135m2 for the Superior Apartment

TWO BATHROOMS PER APARTMENT: The Superior, Deluxe and Penthouse apartments have 2 bathrooms, making these apartments ideal for families or corporate guests.

GREAT VALUE APARTMENTS FOR 2 CORPORATE GUESTS: The Superior, Deluxe and Penthouse Apartments, due to their spaciousness and two bathrooms, are great value for money and ideal for 2 corporate guests, who can share an apartment yet achieve maximum privacy.


DOUBLE GLAZING, NATURAL LIGHT & VENTILATION: All rooms including bedrooms and bathrooms feature windows to allow natural light and ventilation, with double and triple glazing for both thermal and sound insulation.


LIFT OPERATION: Access to all apartments is via a fast and efficient Kone lift.


SECURITY: A key card is used for secure access to the building (rear and front doors of building), access to the lift/staircase and to your apartment.


FREE Wi-Fi: Excellent NBN Wi-Fi is available free-of-charge in lobby and inside the apartments with free ethernet connection also available if required.

SMART TVs in LOUNGE and BEDROOMS: Enjoy YouTube and your Netflix or other streaming service with our Smart TVs which are up to 65" in the lounge room and up to 50" in the bedrooms.


FREE CAR PARKING: Free ground-level on-site parking is available at the rear of the property. A second free on-site carpark may be made available on request.

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